It’s been THREE months!!!

90 Long and fruitful days!

2,160 hours

129,600 seconds…



*Random Dancing*

…90 days since the last of many things I had to say good bye to the things and people that made me fall in love with the Dallas-Forth Worth Metroplex.

Time has gone by so quick. And going into a job that I caught on to so quickly does not help at all when I want to just take a step back and see everything I have accomplished so far. I guess that’s a good thing in a way? Maybe.

Austin, TX has been great to me so far.
Except for those long traffic lights that I usually sit at for 6 turns, the super healthy/ beautiful people that make me feel like I should be there too, and the nice people that make me feel like shit because I flipped them off because they let someone cut in front of them, or in other words, gave them the, “Go ahead, I believe in good karma” pass.

There is so much to do around here, and in the three months I’ve been here, I’ve only experienced only about 15% of it all. There are beautiful running/ walking trails you can find between the neighborhoods that make you realize you need an awesome paying job to one day live in one of those mansions. Mountain hikes that give you an awesome view of the downtown skyline, along with all that cedar.

This time last year, I was living the life of a final year college student. Ready to finish strong and graduate. I never thought of moving anywhere else. I had my framily (friends like family) all around me. Awesome job. Concerts almost every weekend. Then came the realization that it was time to move closer to home, and Austin, TX was the closest I would get. Right in the middle of my home town and where I loved being, it seemed like the perfect place.

The news came as a shock for some people that, much like me, at the time thought I would be there forever. Some doubted my reasons for moving away, citing, “It’s because of what he did to her that she’s leaving.”
One time a co-worker that found out I was moving said to me, “Austin, TX, huh? Good for you. You look like an Austin kind of girl.” I asked why and she said, “Well you’re just so nice and perky and creative. And you’re young!” And that always stayed with me.
Thanks, Sandra.

Things were just beginning to fall into place for me. It was scary, but I jumped off at the highest point. The point where you look down and the earth below you is a microscopic version of itself. The point where your stomach hurts, palms are sweaty, and you think of taking a step back and rescheduling that jump, but then…you do it. And fear, self-doubt, and hopelessness fills you, but so does determination, confidence and hopefulness.

Austin, TX is it’s own little universe.
There are many delicious places that you just “have to go to!” according to many websites and people who have lived here for as long as I have been alive, as well as those that haven’t been here for that long and are still discovering the grub spots themselves. The biggest attraction for many is 6th Street. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but just in case you have not…It’s a huge street filled with bars and underground dance clubs and beautifully expensive restaurants and food trucks (of course). It’s considered the Live Music Capital of the World,” and that my friends, it is. On almost every corner, you see lamp posts covered with posters of local bands playing at different clubs or bars. Walking down 6th, music from live instruments fill the street, tempting you to walk into the location, or at least stand outside and little for a little, because like many of today’s most successful artists got their start playing at clubs as such. It’s great to walk around and suddenly bump into congress street, which, if you turn right or left (depending on where it is that you’re standing) you will see the majestic TEXAS STATE CAPITAL building. It’s a breathtaking historic architectural structure. It’s green grounds make it a perfect spot for a picnic, or a peaceful sanctuary to sit down at and read, or write.

On free weekends, any time I drive up to the lake or hiking trails, I almost cannot believe that this is the same city with the fourth highest population rate in the state of Texas. I walk around the corner of my yoga studio and I look up at the Chrysler building and I find it mind-bottling to think that so much nature, and so many infrastructures can come together to make this the awesome city that it is.

Laredo, TX (my hometown) is lovely. A small town, coming into its own by growing slowly but surely. Dallas, TX was just amazing to me. Being a small town girl, I only ever dreamed of walking among the buildings that made up the neon skyline I would only see in postcards. It was a whole other world. And now Austin, TX I feel offers me a little bit of both. Small and quiet in certain corners, yet industrial and adventurous.

So it’s been 90 days…Well 91 now since having to write between breaks at work delayed me by a day to post it yesterday. Every day I discover a new route home. A hidden mall behind pine trees. A new favorite restaurant. Someone new that I get to have a conversation with and call my friend and fellow Austinite. It’s definitely a city where riding a bike and walking around with a back pack instead of a purse is a norm. It’s a city where even between the rush of the streets and the hassle of a long work day, I can still find time to open up a new post and finish it.

Thank you for 3 awesome months, Austin. Here’s to many more.

One of my favorite pictures ever. Writing at the capital grounds.

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