Short: Wet Hair

It’s 4:40 AM. I woke up thanks to the heat in the room I am in. I took a shower the night before, I fell asleep with wet hair and then I think of how my mother is mostly always right. “Don’t sleep with wet hair! It’s bad for you!” Well, I don’t know how bad it really is to your health but what I do know is that if you sleep in a room with no a/c, the heat will crawl up to your head and make you sweat and make you sticky and make you wake up at 4:40 in the morning. You will then proceed to contemplate on whether or not you should stay awake for work and start getting ready. I mean, you wake up at 6 and that is only an hour away. You lay back down, your hair tied up now and set up an alarm for 45 minutes later. Phone off. “Hmm. I wonder what the fastest way to losing body fat is…” Phone on. Google, “Fastest way to lose body fat..” results are exactly what you’ve read before. Phone off. “Let’s swipe left a little for a while, I’m not really that sleepy and this alarm will go off soon. Phone on. Open up Tinder. Swipe left. Swipe left. Swipe….Hmm..maybe..nah. Swipe left. Swipe left. Phone off. Eyes become moist. It’s not the hot room making your eyes water. It’s the thought of everything. Everything you used to have, or at least thought you had. It’s the thought of what you had to let go and the thought of what you want now. You fall asleep. Work in 40.


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