Now that I’ve got your attention by naming this very first post after the sound the domestic feline makes, HELLO! And welcome to my first WordPress blog ever! Today is Thursday May 7, 2015. It is 10:38 am. I am feeling a little under the weather, but that did not stop me from being inspired to write to a wider audience today. I have other blogs floating around in the internet, but those were more about ranting about stuff. This will be the first time I ever write to and for the people out there.

Many people might not know anything about the person writing this, so let me tell you a little about the girl behind the keyboard.

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About the author:

Gabriela “Gaby” or “Gabby” or “Gabie”….Galvan* is a 21 year old TEXAS college student, sister, volunteer, friend, confident, activist, human, who enjoys spontaneous adventures, drinking coffee, and watching TV shows that aired way before she was born. She studies Radio/Televsion/Film and Creative writing at the University of North Texas. Set to graduate May 16, 2016. Being the oldest of three girls, she grew up being a precocious child and that led to her being independent from a young age. She likes music, A LOT. She is currently working on a collection of essays for a book that will let you know what she’s learned so far, and what she is yet to.

*I have not included my ethnicity because as you can see from my picture I am obviously of Irish decent.

So this is really, really exciting for me.
You see, I am used to writing for myself (if you are familiar with my popular blogger series you understand). I am used to being like, “Me, Me, this, that, him, him, they.” But no more! If you have been following my writing from my 2010 days, let me tell you that those self-help days are not over my friend. My writing style is still up to par, and you will get more of it all once my book is published.
But for now, let’s enjoy the fun that this wordpress thingy is.

Truth be told, I was actually inspired to write for the public by a very good, nice, handsome, friend of mine. (I hope I can call you that). He has his own blog and shared it with me the other night. He began writing when he was around my age, hasn’t written for 5 years, and he is now 29. So it really must be something to go back and read his younger thoughts about certain times, and maybe reflect on just how far he’s come since then. It was just something that made me think of how interesting it will be when I am 29 and decide to unearth the old blog and be like, “did I really used to say that?”

So here we go!

It is Thursday May 7, 2015, it is now 11:23 am.
And here is my song of the day.
Have yourself a good one.